"Sext: You want to be the cosmos, let me map your fingers like the stars. Your heart is my compass rose. I lie awake each night counting constellations and mumbling your name longingly under my breath. Come back. Come back. Come back. 
Sext: You want to be the ocean, I want to be pulled out to sea. I want to drift away in the blonde of your hair. I could drown in your arms. Pull me back to shore and kiss the life back into me. 
Sext: You want to be a rainy day. I want to be the sun that challenges you. I want to break you and burn you and heal you in my own hands, kiss you back to health. I want to be the light that makes the poppies in your ribcage grow once again. "

My bones are achingly desperate for you. (via because-she-loves-words)